Monday 22 February 2016

Drala Jong

We seek to raise £500,000 to establish a permanent centre in Britain – capable of hosting residential and non-residential events, to make available a rare strand of Buddhism pertinent to Western culture in the 21st century.

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Tuesday 19 July 2011

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Monday 18 July 2011


Sang-ngak-chö-dzong is the UK charity of the Aro Tradition and supports the preservation of Buddhist teachings according to the Nyingma Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

The name Sang-ngak-chö-dzong was given to us by His Holiness Düd'jom Rinpoche specifically for our work of establishing the non-celibate householder tradition of Tibetan Buddhism in the West.

Sang-ngak-chö-dzong (also known as SNCD) holds UK Charity Number 1019886. It's constitution was adopted on 20th February 1993.  Charity records are available from the Charity Commision and Open Charities .